About Damjanun

In recent years, the online market is rapidly expanding in Bangladesh. You may also have an experience of buying anything from online. When you tried to buy something from e-commerce site, did you face any kind of problem like below:

  • Ordered product was not delivered on time
  • After buying the product, you realized that the price was not best among online shops
  • You needed to visit shop physically because of the product specifications were not enough on the sites

Keeping in mind above problems, JMC has launched Damjanun.com

Damjanun.com is price comparison site that helps users shop smartly by visualizing price and product specifications and reviews on various products like mobile phone, computer, camera and other electronic items.

Damjanun.com is an e-commerce site owned by Japan Marketing & Consultancy Ltd. (JMC), a Japan-Bangladesh joint venture company incorporated in June, 2017. Inspired by latest technologies and services in international market, JMC is operating several informative and helpful services.

Please visit our corporate website JMC

We hope that Damjanun.com will help to improve the online shopping environment in Bangladesh.

How to use this service?

We have two search options: search by keyword or search by category.

Search by keyword

Please type product name or product code or brand name which you are planning to buy.

Search by category

Please click category icon from which you are planning to buy.

Then please select your desired product image to get detail information about it. When you will scroll through the page, you will see the price comparison for your desired product from several e-commerce sites. You can be able to shop by ‘Gon to Shop icon’.

You can save your time and money by this free service of Damjanun.com